3rd Street Belly Dancing with Joanna Abel

Level One Hot Pot/Unmata I.T.S. with JOANNA

Wednesdays 7 – 8:15 PM
$15 for a walk-in
$40 for 4 classes
Improvisational Tribal Style is a combination-based form of dance created by Amy Sigil. It is all about teamwork! Learn the dance vocabulary, cues, and concepts that makes up this synchronized dance style. In this class you will be actively engaged, mentally and physically! Visit www.improvisationaltribalstyle.com for more info on this amazing dance form!

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About Joanna


Joanna Abel is a Pittsburgh based belly dancer specializing in Hot Pot I.T.S. She trains in Sacramento, CA at Hot Pot Studios and teaches classes and workshops regularly. She is the founder of 3rd Street Belly Dance Studio. Joanna travels nationally and internationally studying, teaching, and performing.