Carol Begley Art Classes

Saturday Art Classes with Carol Begley

Saturday's from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Only $5.00

Class begins at 1:00 pm every Saturday and formally ends at 2:00 pm, although students are invited to continue working, especially if the weather is good enough for the class to be held outdoors. Any medium is fine. The fee is $5.00 per student. Feel free to drop in!

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call: 724.775.7751

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About Carol Begley

Carol Begley

Carol Volz Begley is an impressionist plein air artist whose passion for drawing and painting is vividly seen in her colorful canvases. She has attended workshops and painted all over the country, including many European countries. Her finished works in oil and pastel have shown in galleries not only all over western Pennsylvania, but nationally as well, winning awards in local, regional, and national shows. In addition to practicing art, Carol teaches painting and drawing in a variety of formats, from informal sessions to formal, structured classes.

Carol's goal is not just to instruct in a chosen medium, but to let her students have fun in the learning of it. She tries to instruct as often as possible outside, but sittings and still lives in the studio also work their way into classes. She teaches at her Art Studio in Beaver and at The Third Street Gallery in Carnegie.